Wednesday, June 16

MforMonkey 'Wild Rose' ~ BlytheBeautyContest Finalist!

~ MforMonkey was selected as a finalist for the Blythe Beauty Contest 2010!! ~

Please visit her website if you want to find more about Rose!

Wild Rose ~ BlytheBeautyContest '10

MforMonkey ~ARTFIRE

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~About MforMonkey

MforMonkey is a one woman company (with the infinite support and help of my other half).

I bought my first Blythe (Caroline, VM) on February 2004 and started making clothes for her as soon as she landed in my hands.

MforMonkey began in January 2006 with the first customer hoodie order. Since then I’ve been working hard to make fresh and fun outfits for all kinds of dolls. Although Blythe was my first love and will always be, it is my intention to make clothes for as many type of dolls as possible, reaching all kinds of people with different tastes.

You won't find much of a distinctive style but a mix of things I like, going from antique lace dresses to punk clothes. All is permitted, nothing is forbidden, sky is the limit!

All clothes are made with love and devotion, attention to detail is the key of my work. Because of this, a lot of time is required in the completion of a dress. Please be patient with me! I promise to give my best in order to create high quality clothes for your dolls!

Hope you enjoy them too!

~About Mary

30 years old. Born in Argentina, lived there till I was 22.

Moved to Barcelona, Spain, were I reside with my hubby. Mostly work at comic lettering but also enjoy graphic design and get some freelance work from time to time.

I adore sewing, crochet and crafting in general. Beside sewing, I like to make accessories, stands, and all kinds of little pets and friends for dolls. It's my hobby, my passion and what keeps me sane. ^_^

I hope one day to be able and dedicate 100% of my time to work for dolls. It is a dream since a long time and it's starting to get real everyday.

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