Friday, January 22

MforM Pink&Blue Smocks!

Smocks 4.0 are finally here!

*Pink&Blue smocks
are made with high quality cotton tartan fabric from Japan. Sleeves are very puffy and can be wear down or up for a more puff look. Two pink buttons are sewn at the front for decoration. Fully fraychecked, close at the front with three snaps.

Please note that these were made for a perfect fit on Blythe body, sleeve effect will be less effective on Licca bodies since the arms are slimmer (as you see here, Swegen my red mohair girl has a Licca body). Because of the different size it was impossible to make a perfect fit on Licca and make them fit regular Blythe arms too.

MforM Pink&Blue Smock

MforM Pink&Blue Smock