Monday, January 4

MforM Light Violet Smocks & Hoodies!

Hello to you all!

Second batch of smocks are ready to go out to the world!
More new smocks are on the production line already, next in pink&skyblue tartan!
Hope you will enjoy them!

Light Violet smocks are made with quality cotton tartan fabric from Spain. Sleeves are very puffy and can be wear down or up for a more puff look. Two black buttons are sewn at the front for decoration. Fully fraychecked, close at the front with three snaps.

Please note that these were made for a perfect fit on Blythe body, sleeve effect will be less effective on Licca bodies since the arms are slimmer. Because of the different size it was impossible to make a perfect fit on Licca and make them fit regular Blythe arms too.

Hoodies Galore!
Please go down for more info!
MforM Hoodies galore!

MforM Smocks!

MforM Smocks!

Hoodies are made with quality acrylic yarn and felt for the appliques. Close with a chin strap and button.

MforM Pink Deer Hoodie

MforM Blue Deer Hoodie

MforM LightPink Deer Hoodie

MforM Green Deer Hoodie

MforM Pink Bird Hoodie

MforM LightBlue Bird Hoodie

MforM Pink Pirate Bunny Hoodie

MforM Orange Pirate Bunny Hoodie

MforM Violet Pirate Bunny Hoodie