Sunday, June 3

Spring Love Part II ~ Dress and Hoodie Set

Flower print dresses (made by my mom ^^) and Deery Lou hoodies make these beautiful sets!
Dresses made of quality cotton fabrics, close in the back with two snaps. Hoodies made of quality acrylic yarns and felt.

Four colours to choose: Hot Pink, Light Pink, Orange and Turquoise.

Note: this first batch of dresses has a little too much amount of Fray Check, resulting in stiff edges. It's not noticeable and won't affect wearing.

MforM ~ Hot Pink dress and hoodie Set
Hot Pink Set Hot Pink Set

MforM ~ Light Pink dress and hoodie Set
Light Pink Set Light Pink Set

MforM ~ Orange dress and hoodie Set
Orange Set Orange Set

MforM ~ Turquoise dress and hoodie Set
Turquoise Set Turquoise Set